Building an online e-learning or ed-tech platform

$107 billion e-learning industry is booming at the rate of 9% YOY growth. There is humongous untapped opportunity in ed-tech space and barring few use cases like online professional training courses and LMS, the field is still open for innovation and experiments. Today, old age e-learning solutions like Moodle, SCORM are not best fit for different e-learning verticals & use cases like Test Prep, Online courses, Training & Tutoring and MOOCs.

The key to success for any e-learning platform is to deliver a high class learning experience. Whether it’s self paced learning, live virtual classroom or a flipped classroom use case, if learner doesn’t get the learning experience which is at least equal to a typical classroom training, the product will fail, no matter how fancy it is.

Creating a great e-learning platforms requires a great team that can not only deliver the product as per requirement but also understand the use cases and posses domain knowledge. A typical E learning product might require features like tracking and reporting student’s progress, live virtual classroom or Live web conference tool, training courses, tutor search, cloud content management, online quizzes and tests, mobile apps, document sharing etc. If you have an in-house team, it is easy to manage, motivate and guide them towards the end goal. Over the time in-house time would develop the domain knowledge and would have customer empathy. Same is not true for an offshore software development company that has no expertise in e-learning domain. They might not understand the idea, terms and the philosophy behind the product. They will deliver the code but may fail to deliver the product you envisioned.

If you have a great e-learning idea and want to engage an offshore development company or e-learning professional, do keep following things in mind-

  • Look for a software development company or professional that has expertise in e Learning
  • Have they delivered any e-learning product as big and complicated as yours
  • Do they have work samples or a rich portfolio
  • What’s the learning curve for them to get started
  • Do they fit in in your overall product plan
  • Apart from programing what other expertise they have that can benefit you
  • How exited they are about your project

As a budding entrepreneur if you are also trying to tag along the e-learning bandwagon and working on a great idea, give us a shout and you won’t regret it.

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Dinesh has 11+ years of experience in Software Product Management. He has worked to build great SaaS products that grew to multi-million users and multi-million dollar revenue. An individual with willingness to learn new technologies and domains, he always strive for excellence and love to deliver features that are great on user experience, add to revenue and more importantly solve a user problem.

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