Why do you need a digital marketing expert or agency?

Digital marketing is no more a fad but a serious marketing channel today. Power of digital marketing is such that even great products can meet a silent death if they are not promoted to masses using digital marketing.  Digital marketing is one of the strongest pillars of integrated marketing communication which includes traditional marketing channels like Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Radio, Billboards etc. Newspaper subscription is seeing a major downward trend and millennials rely heavily on online newspapers, e-papers or news apps for latest news. TV advertisement is marred with lot of marketing cutter. With options like switching channels or recording and fast forward, TV ads have lost the advertisement power it once had. Unless TV ads are run during world cup cricket, soccer or super bowl, marketing return on investment (MROI) is insignificant.

Why it is important to hire a digital marketing expert or agency?

From the marketing prospective it’s very important that your message reaches your target customers. You need to be there where your customers are. With more than 40% of world population having  internet connection, people spend more time on internet than TV and newspaper.

Digital marketing comprises of all sort of internet marketing including email & newsletter marketing, social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and  paid ads (PPC or display). For any marketing campaign to be successful it is important that you know enough about target customer, their purchase behavior, interests and the media to reach them. While traditional marketing channels fail to provide enough customer data, digital world is full of data that makes it interesting and more viable in terms of ROI. Digital marketing not only lets you connect to customers but also opens a two way channel of communication and interactivity which is absent in traditional forms of marketing. Digital marketing is the best tool to create a customer connect, brand image & loyalty.

Know Your Customer
Behaviorgraphic targeting is the best way of targeting customers and it always give higher ROI. If you know what your customer likes, what’s his /her purchasing behavior, you can target  and re-target him/her with right ads on web and mobile devices.

An experienced digital marketing professional knows how to leverage behaviorgraphics data like internet search, browsing behavior and data from social networks to grab the attention of customers.Digital

Social Media Marketing & Right Platform
Social media marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. An expert digital marketing guy knows which social network to target for your business need. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ not all social media platforms cater to all type of businesses or products. Some are good for B2b and some only for B2C.

In addition to right social media platform online marketing professional should know what to post and when to post. Timing & messaging is very important for social media marketing. Messages that are fun, interactive and entertaining get more eyeballs.

Experience and Expertise
If yours is also another me too product, it’s only the expert marketing that can create a brand image. Most of FMCG products are similar in terms of quality, price and use but because of marketing & branding we prefer product X to product Y.

Digital platforms too are cluttered with advertisement and most online customers are now blind to ads. You need an experienced & creative digital marketing agency that is able to design ads that can grab customer’s attention in short span of time and have the content that can go viral. An experienced digital marketing professional or agency would create a marketing plan having a right mix of content strategy, videos, paid ads & social media engagement.

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