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PHP, or Hypertext Processor, is a server-side scripting language used mainly for web development.  PHP allows web developers to create web pages  that interacts with databases like MySQL, MSSQL or Oracle.

Today PHP is widely used to create any kind of web applications, be it eLearning platform, eCommerce website or general business website. It can also operate in combination with web template and frameworks. Because of how easy and widely PHP is used as a language, a lot of frameworks has emerged. Laravel, Codeigniter, Symphony are some popular PHP development frameworks. Laravel is probably the most popular framework for PHP this year due to its innovative way of assuring a hassle-free experience in code organization. It is also great for super-fast application development due to its MVC architecture and support for PHP7.

Phalcon is another great PHP framework for web developers as it is also MVC-based. It is exclusively built as a C-extension making it run rapidly fast. Because of this it is the perfect framework for processing HTTP requests. Another plus is that Phalcon has really good security features that are ideal for creating full-fledged web applications.

Last, but definitely not the least, to be discussed is the Zend framework. It is the most used professional framework by developers as it is great for creating high-performance web applications ideal for massive enterprises. It blows other frameworks away with its built in security and performance components. Not to mention that it has tons of features for authentication, forms, and many more.

PHP has a lot uses when it comes to building web applications. When needed, it can encrypt your data. It can also perform system functions, gather and save data files, customize databases, and even restrict access to some of your web pages.  With so many developers using it and honing PHP as a language, as well as the many frameworks integrated in it, PHP is a practical choice as a scripting language. Its massive following makes it efficient, secure, flexible, and powerful.

As dedicated PHP developers based out of India, we can help businesses create highly scaleable interactive web applications that have user-friendly interfaces, easy to navigate and can generate business growth. With ample experience in eLearning, eCommerce and Healthcare we can take your business to next level. Our PHP team always ensure that the website is up-to-date, secure and fast.

We work with clients all over the world and deliver high quality web applications that users love and clients admire. Our team of experienced PHP developers are more than capable in handling web programming, APIs and third party integration to meet client’s unique requirements. Our team of developers is always on top of project and use both their creativity and knowledge to ensure that your web applications comes out as top-of-the-line. If you are also looking for hiring a PHP team for your next project, give us shout and you would not regret your decision.

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