Hire Dedicated Offshore Software Developers,Teams From India

Hiring offshore software development teams for a fixed cost or on T & M basis is nothing new. In most scenarios outsourcing software development work is most cost effective and time saving.  From big fortune 500 companies to small organizations and individuals, everyone looks for long term IT partnerships to get the job done. You have a flexible amount of workers, depending on the amount of business/work that you need to get done at any particular point in time. It’s also a huge benefit when it comes to not being forced to hire full-time employees with benefits, etc.

When it comes to hiring software developers, India has become a great talent pool in recent years. With revolutionary technology developments, Indian IT companies offer highly required and profitable solutions because of the lower cost benefit and highly skilled professionals. When you want to get a software project done, there are different models like hiring a team or individual on hourly basis where you pay $x for each hour spent or fixed cost basis where you and company agree to do the complete project for a fixed dollar  amount. Another model  getting popular is T&M. At Xornor Technologies we offer services of top IT professionals for different projects based on the model that works best for you.

Hire T&M (Time and material) staff
When it comes to different engagement models, Time & Material (T&M) is becoming more popular, as opposed to fixed pricing based projects. That’s because T&M will allow for a greater amount of control over the cost and the development of a project, since there is no guess work involved. As most companies follow Agile, T&M model where a dedicated team is put on client’s project for monthly resource based cost, the client has full control over project as well as the team which works on the project. Every morning Scrum meeting with team members ensure that everyone knows about project and is responsible for their own work. Work, Progress and Quality of work is greatly ensures in T&M model.

Hire C#, Asp.net Developers
C#, ASP.net developers are in a great demand around the world. Securing local and talented C#, Asp.net Developers can be a daunting task. When you hire offshore professionals, location is not an issue and you also have the luxury of working with talented professionals that offer greater skills for very less cost. With a costing model like T&M you get your own remote team at a nominal cost.

Hire Hybrid Mobile App Developers (Ionic, Angular, React.js)
Hybrid mobile technology makes it possible to quickly build high quality multi platform mobile apps for a lesser cost. If you’re looking for a multi-platform Mobile Applications Developer, then contacting a company that can provide this type of personnel is the best way to go. Mobile applications are hotter than ever when you consider the increasing percentage of people who work, shop and communicate through their mobile devices.

Domain Expertise
Always prefer to hire teams with domain expertise. While you can go for any programmer or company for small projects, for bigger projects or product ideas always prefer teams with proven experience in that field.  By hiring an expert in your particular domain, you ensure that you and development team are in sync and end product would be what you have conceived. While expert team focuses on delivery, you can work on other stuff and ensure improved customer service and happy end users.

E learning- Expertise in developing e learning websites
Creating a great E learning platform requires a skilled team that understand the e-learning industry. Our team has around 15 years of experience developing SaaS based e-learning platforms, LMS, Moodle Customization, Live Virtual Classrooms, Courses & Online academy Builder and Test & Quiz platforms.

Healthcare – Expertise in developing healthcare Platforms, Products & RFID bases instrument and equipment tracking
The Healthcare industry is expanding rapidly and securing professionals to work, on an as-needed basis, can be next to impossible when attempting to set up interviews in your office’s location. That’s why you’ll want to take a look at hiring dedicated offshore software developers that can give you the highest level of technical expertise for a reasonable cost. Our team has good experience in building simple healthcare & fitness websites to complex use cases like web based instrument tracker using RFID.

An effective offshore development team can significantly contribute to the business goals because there are so many experts around the world who are able to rapidly achieve the highest quality results. Many companies today are constantly looking for software outsourcing that can contribute to their projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. Every business has a different environment, philosophy, work ethics, and goals, so it is often hard to find the right expert who shares the same passion and understands the overall management.

If you are looking for any E learning or Healthcare project or have a great startup idea, do contact with us and request a free quote here.

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