Virtual Classroom API Integration: WizIQ, Big Blue Button, Zoom

Virtual Classroom is one of the important features for any online e Learning or training platform. A Virtual Classroom (VC) facilitates live online classes that allows participants to communicate via audio, video or text chat, view presentations, documents or videos. While most open source Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Moodle offer all functionality required to deliver asynchronous or self paced courses, there is no good ready to use open source or free solution  available for delivering instructor led live classes. While Big Blue Button (BBB) and Free Conference Call offer free solution, you still need an expert e Learning development team to integrate the solution with your website or LMS.

While selecting a Virtual Classroom for your eLearning platform always consider following things-

  • What feature set the live classroom offers and at what cost? You would at least need two way audio, chat, whiteboard and file sharing in order to successfully deliver a live class?
  • What’s the recurring cost for using the online classroom?
  • What API features are available? You might want attendance report, Class reminders, Class scheduling, Class recordings, Content library?
  • How many concurrent classes you would be able to conduct?
  • How many students you can have in a live class?
  • Does it offer screen sharing?
  • Can you add /modify teachers?
  • Whether the VC solution is available on mobile devices?
  • Whether it is a Flash based classroom or non flash based (HTML5, WebRTC)? As Flash support is being stopped by most browsers, you should always go for non Flash unless you have a short term vision.

When you have answers to questions above and you are all set for integrating Virtual Classroom API with your e Learning platform, look for a good technology partner or e Learning solution provider who can not only integrate the Virtual Classroom but also take care of surrounding use cases you might have.

Virtual Classroom API integration with any LMS or CMS

At Xornor Technologies, we’ve an expert team of engineers who specialize in e Learning, LMS, Virtual Classroom and API integration. We offer expert solutions to integrate different Virtual Classroom APIs like WizIQ classroom API, Big Blue Button Virtual Classroom, Zoom or Free conference call webinar solution to conduct live classes. We integrate with all kind of CMSs like WordPress, Drupal and LMSs like Moodle. Virtual Classroom APIs allow seamless integration across technologies so an integration using technologies like, PHP, Node.Js websites or any standard CMS and LMS platform can be undertaken. Contact us today at for a free quote.

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