Xembedo- A hosted, white labeled document conversion engine for your web and mobile apps

Xembedo is the document conversion engine from Xornor technologies that converts presentations and documents to high quality embeds that play beautifully across devices. Xembedo  offers conversion API and on-premise hosting of platform that will enable your users to upload, view and share documents within  your website or mobile application.

If you’re building a LMS, eLearning platform or a content sharing platform, try Xembedo to enable presentation(PDF,PPT) and documents (DOC) within your platform. Xembedo in addition to SaaS based API also offers on-premise deployment of complete conversion solution on client’s infrastructure. The content player which is HTML based offers full customization of logo and theme to suit your brand.

Back end technology
After working many years in flash based document conversion technology which empowers content layer of authorSTREAM and WizIQ, we decided to come up with a non flash and non windows based conversion engine which offers high quality document output that works across devices and comes at a cheaper price. While Flash was pretty good for animations and media mapping for PowerPoint presentations, the increased restrictions by different browsers and devices doesn’t advocate going with Flash in longer run.

On-premise deployment cost
Since Xembedo has been built using mean stack technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Node.Js, Jquery. the server cost is pretty less. For on-premise hosting one can go for a Linux machine (CentOS or Ubuntu) that costs less than $15/mo. Normally we recommend two server infrastructure for on-premise deployment. One server for managing upload API, conversion queue  and second server for conversions.

If you are looking for a document or PowerPoint to HTML5 solution try Xembedo.

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