Moodle Development Services: Customization, Mobile Apps

Due to the rapid globalization and industrialization, there has been a high rise for the need of quick and effective e-teaching platforms and learning management systems which are targeted to empower either employees of organizations or students, with skills and knowledge which are relevant to their career, occupations and which increase their efficiency at work and employability skills. This has then made e-learning one of the most growing form of learning with numerous e-learning platforms created to ease the same. This has been a great success as thousands are getting knowledge and skills easily without necessarily needing to sit down for lectures or classroom teachings. E-learning enables people who are separated far way by geographical location and who may have limited learning opportunities, to have access to that which they may be in need of in terms of knowledge acquisition and retention.

Moreover, Despite the high need of internet connectivity which such learning platforms requires, the systems gets the user’s information and responds through customized feedback. The user can even connect to a tutor directly where one have issues. This means that learning efficiency goes much high with this e-learning and most probably the reason for its high growing market size. E-Learning Market size was estimated at over $150 billion in 2016 and is predicted to potentially grow at over 5% from 2017 to 2024. This is most probably due to the competitiveness arising from the efficiency created by diverse companies offering these services and more so due to the highly increasing need for training solutions in the modern world.

Moodle LMS is among the world’s most used platform for e-learning today with over 68 million users and with over 55,000 Moodle learning sites since its inception back in the year 2002. This is because Moodle is free open source LMS that offers many creative designs, themes and management of the site to ensure that it is user friendly, flexible and easy to download. This has made Moodle to be widely adopted by many organizations even those beyond education ranging from non-profit organization to government and many more. It is rated second in the market size on the e-learning platform and expected to keep the competences. It has been used widely for: Compliance Training, On boarding and Related-training, Competency-based Training and Management, Workplace Safety Training etc.

In all these years Moodle has come a long way in terms of technology, flexibility and services it offers. We at Xornor Technologies offer different Moodle development services required by schools, universities and organizations.

Moodle Development Services

(a) Moodle development

We provide Moodle development services from basic installation, configuration and set up to integration like front end website in WordPress and back-end as Moodle.

(b) Moodle customization

Among the customization services are: Custom theming to promote your brand, SSO authentication against your preferred system, Third-party system integration, SSL certificates for secured logins, PayPal course enrollment configuration, custom plugins and many more. Our Dedicated Moodle development team can handle any kind of custom requirement.

(c) Moodle Mobile apps

With mobile apps, students would be able to study on the go, anywhere, anytime. Get your own Moodle LMS mobile app with your own branding.

If you are looking for Moodle LMS development, reach out to us here and we assure that you would be delighted to work with a team that has more than 15 years of experience in  e learning industry.

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